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Ute Keller, CSB

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  • Where: Hamburg area
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  • Where: Hamburg area
  • When: Contact Teacher

From childhood, I found comfort in the Bible. My family heavily relied on drugs, and I felt their side effects made my mother a different person. I yearned to find a way to heal without drugs. I found home in the Lutheran church. Playing trumpet in church services felt like prayer to God.

I trained as a medical technical assistant, worked in a military hospital, and studied medicine. The healings I witnessed fit the Bible but not medical theory. This made me listen. When I first learned about Christian Science, I did not understand it. I had to find God in the hospital. How could church be sufficient to meet all needs? Prayer and the Bible increasingly answered my questions. Finally I recognized Christian Science to be truth, which also helped me see what church really means.

To discover that Jesus as Savior demonstrated God as Father in its scientific meaning of Principle and idea, fascinated me. So I stopped my medical work and exclusively studied Science and Health for 9 months.

I became a Christian Science nurse, and eventually a practitioner. I am married and we have six kids. Witnessing them grow up made me love Christ’s way of teaching and gently guiding the unfolding thought in Christian Science. I want to witness and learn more about Christ as our all and only Teacher. Out of gratitude for our many experiences and healings in Christ, I applied for Normal class.

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