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Ulrike Prinz, CSB

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  • Where: Hamburg
  • When: First two weeks of October


  • Where: Hamburg
  • When: First Saturday in March

As a child, I was told that my great-great-great grandmother became a Christian Science practitioner after she was healed while reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. However, I certainly remember my grandfather as a Christian Science practitioner whom I adored and whom I could always ask for help. Through him and his intimate relationship with God, I got to know Christian Science and was able to experience healings of others and myself at an early age. Healing by scientific prayer was natural to my siblings and me; we loved to take care of each other and help each other through prayer. These healings happen naturally by relying upon God’s love and tender care. My parents were also Christian Scientists. So, grounded in this Science, I developed a deep awareness of God’s infinite presence. Later when I started to attend church and throughout my time at Sunday School, I always liked to share Christian Science with the public. 1989 I took class instruction. Then, when my father died, way too early for us, I struggled with the Science, but by turning for help to the books by Mary Baker Eddy, I was comforted and freed from all doubts. At that point the deep desire to go into the public practice of healing unfolded in me. Since then I have been in the practice, sharing these wonderful, liberating ideas with people. This I do as well as a lecturer of Christian Science, and I daily witness marvelous healings.

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