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Susan Steinemann Collins, CSB

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Susan Steinemann Collins, CSB

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  • Where: New York, New York
  • When: Summer or fall, please contact teacher


  • Where: New York, New York
  • When: November

When I found Christian Science, I had absolutely no idea that man’s potential was limitless, no challenge was too hard for God, and, that we could experience heaven, right here on earth!

I grew up on Long Island, New York, where educational and cultural opportunities abounded, including music, travel, community service, and advantages in The Big Apple. But, my whole life was overshadowed with distressing health issues.

For years I searched for God – what He “was” and “did”. I read everything possible to further my quest. Finally after college, work in France and New York City, and a failed marriage, I found Christian Science.  Feeling very dismal one Sunday, I was led to a Christian Science church. In listening intently to the Bible Lesson Sermon, I heard something like: “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” I caught it! Our work, our relationships, our whole life’s experience is determined by our thought!

With study, prayer, and metaphysical support, the challenges began to lift… through grad school, and as a public school speech pathologist. Following Primary Class instruction, I taught ESL, - then began work for The Mother Church. I was also a chaplain in a mental health center. The day my son turned four, I submitted my application for Christian Science practitioner listing, - my paramount hope from day one, when I’d found the inestimable pearl!

Having been given this priceless gift, I yearned to teach it. This great privilege and honor came. My gratitude is boundless.


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