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Peter H. J. Jackson, CSB

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Peter H. J. Jackson, CSB

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  • Where: Bournemouth
  • When: September


  • Where: Bournemouth
  • When: April

Originally from London, I attended Sunday School at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hendon and I joined The Mother Church as a teenager. After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in engineering, I pursued a career as a pianist and songwriter. I have also tutored mathematics and taught English as a foreign language.

One evening while wrestling with big questions about God and man, I searched deep into what I honestly believed. Concluding that God really was my Father, and that man really is spiritual, I received something new – I'd say I felt the power of the Holy Spirit. From then on I knew that Christian Science was a significant part of my life.

The following year I attended Primary class in London, became a branch church member, and began taking practice cases. In 2004 I had a significant healing after being attacked in the street late one night. In 2006 I moved south to Bournemouth where I transferred my branch membership. In 2010 I committed to the full-time healing practice and became listed in The Christian Science Journal.

My desire to make my practice more accessible led me to open an office on the high street in 2013. Since then I have taught online Sunday School for The Mother Church, I've served as Committee on Publication for South West England and I am currently First Reader at Bournemouth Church. In 2018 I attended the Normal class and qualified as a teacher of Christian Science.

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