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Peter H. J. Jackson, CSB

  • English
Peter H. J. Jackson, CSB

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  • Where: Bournemouth
  • When: September


  • Where: Poole
  • When: April

Growing up in London, I attended Sunday School at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hendon and I joined The Mother Church as a teenager. After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in engineering, I initially pursued a career as a pianist and songwriter. I also tutored students in mathematics and taught English as a foreign language.

While I've always felt sure that Christian Science is the truth, in the past I'd sometimes doubted my ability to demonstrate it in practical ways. However, when challenges arose that defied conventional approaches, I took up the study of Christian Science with renewed vigour, determined to find solutions. The moments of inspiration and protection, growth in character and physical healings that followed were proof that I was getting to know God better.

In 2003 I attended Primary class in London, became a branch church member, and began taking practice cases. In 2006 I moved south to Bournemouth and in 2010 I became listed in The Christian Science Journal as a practitioner. To make my practice more accessible to the public I opened an office on the high street in 2013. Since then I've taught Sunday School online for The Mother Church, served as Committee on Publication for South West England, and I currently serve Bournemouth Church as First Reader.

In 2018 I qualified as a teacher of Christian Science, and I have enjoyed all the classes I've taught since.

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