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André Kisonga, CSB

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  • Where: Kinshasa


  • Where: Kinshasa

I live in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with my wife. We have four children.


Since school days, I was passionate about reading. Christian Science came my way in the early 1980’s, through reading a pamphlet entitled “Questions and Answers,” published by the Publishing Society, that I found on a classmate’s table. The relevance of the questions therein, as well as the depth of the answers, led me to attend my first Christian Science Sunday church service. Straight away, I started putting into practice the truth from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in all aspects, for the rest of my academic life.


My interest in the teachings went on growing throughout my former professional experiences, first in the country Education System, as a teacher of English as a foreign language, then as Front Desk Director in an international Hotel, and finally, as a Procurement Manager in a prestigious Telecommunication Company.


Following a continuous request for prayers, and moved by the call conveyed by the Round Tables on the Practice of healing initiated by the Mother Church in 2014, I resolved to become a more dedicated labourer. So, in 2015, I resigned from my last job and decided to enter into the full-time practice.


Still moved by the same desire to serve the Cause in new ways, I applied and was accepted as a member of the 2018 Normal Class that led me to be authorized to teach Christian Science.

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