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New: Branch resources during the pandemic

Find resources to help you continue offering your healing services and activities to your congregation and your community during this time.

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Christian Science practitioners

Find out more about how Christian Science practitioners can help you find healing and regeneration through prayer. 


Christian Science nursing

More information about Christian Science nursing and how you can get involved. 




Meet the lecturers

Find out more about the members of the Board of Lectureship and their lectures. 


Find a lecture

Find a lecture on Christian Science scheduled  near you. 


Host a Christian Science lecture

Find out how your church or organization can host a lecture on Christian Science in your community. 




Committee on Publication

Find out about the activities of the Committee on Publication and ways you can be involved. 


Military Chaplains

The military chaplaincy is an avenue for serving God, church, country, and humanity in an especially rewarding way. 


Prison and institutional activities

Learn more about prison and institutional work and how to become involved in this fulfilling branch activity.  


Humanitarian assistance

The Mother Church has funds dedicated to supporting branch churches and Christian Science societies in emergency situations, primarily when impacted by natural disasters. 

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