Christian healing today

Most people want the same things today they’ve always wanted—health, stability, and to have a good life. Throughout his lifetime, Christ Jesus responded to those desires by preaching the gospel of God's kingdom and by healing the sick and those who had lost their way. He taught his followers how to be Christian healers, too.

How can we heal like Jesus did? It starts with a childlike faith in God's constant goodness and love, and a wholehearted yearning to understand the spiritual laws of God that govern all of us. When these laws become tangible to us, and good seems more natural and real to us, healing follows. This Science of Christian healing was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy, who wrote the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Her Bible-based textbook on spiritual healing has helped people around the world experience health and solutions to all types of suffering. Living and sharing this spiritual, scientific method of healing based on Jesus’ teachings is the continuing mission of this Church.

We invite you to explore Christian Science healing today. You’ll see how anyone can benefit from this practical, prayer-based approach to improve their lives.

How can I be healed?

Do you wish you could be healed? If you need help with a health issue, finances, a relationship, or anything else, the Bible gives us a promise of healing. Healing that’s based on timeless spiritual laws. Anyone can learn and apply these spiritually scientific ideas and experience God’s goodness.

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Praying for the world and ourselves

The world is facing urgent issues that affect us all, and our prayers are needed. We have resources that can help.


Join a worldwide membership

Experience and share universal good by joining with others. One of the blessings of membership in The Mother Church.

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Christian Science practitioners

Christian Science Practitioners are convinced that prayer can make a difference, and they are available to help others find healing.

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Christian Science nurses

Christian Science nurses provide spiritual reassurance and practical care to those who are relying on Christian Science prayer for healing.

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What is a Christian Science lecture?

You can learn how Christian Science heals via online and in-person lectures.

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Learn about Primary Class instruction

Primary Class instruction

Do you have a heartfelt desire to help yourself and others through prayer? Christian Science Primary class instruction may be right for you. 

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Daily Lift

The Christian Science Daily Lift podcast contains life stories and spiritual lessons from people just like you. Each Lift shares a healing idea that can bless you and help you bless others —all in just a few minutes. The Daily Lift has new episodes Monday through Friday.

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