Christian Science Hymnal

Hymns are a source of encouragement, direction, and inspiration for people all over the world. Lifting voices in song can unite a congregation in gratitude and praise, and strengthen a sense of collective worship. Many students of Christian Science also find that hymns are an integral part of their individual study. 

Christian Science hymns are found in two volumes:

These hymnals include many beloved Christian hymns, as well as the musical settings of seven poems by Mary Baker Eddy, who was a life-long poet and a great lover of music. Valued for their poetic eloquence and powerful spiritual understanding, these hymns are a unique source of comfort and uplift.

Offering a wide selection of texts and music appropriate for any congregation, and featuring tunes drawn from around the globe, the Christian Science Hymnal is a treasury of rich, healing resources.

The Christian Science Hymnal is also available in Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.