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I live in Minnesota, where hockey is king! One day, on a Monday, I had a bad cough, but I could not imagine skipping hockey in the evening. 

On Tuesday, though, my mom said, “Maybe you should miss school today.” But I said, “I’m fine.” I like hockey and my school.
The kids are nice, and I didn’t want to stay home. So I went to school.

Then my teacher called my mom and said, “Robby has to go home.” My teacher was concerned that I was sick. My mom came to pick me up.

For two days we watched Bible tapes about Moses and Jesus’ story of the good Samaritan. They taught me that God is always with me. My mom also called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me, and we talked together about God.

On Thursday, my teacher was still worried about me. She called my mom and asked, “Have you been to a doctor yet?” My mom explained that we were praying and I was making progress. I was praying by knowing that God is Truth, and the truth is that I am fine because perfect God means perfect Robby. God told me that I was fine, and I realized my true selfhood as His child. What God says is always true. That was my healing. 

We went to the doctor so my teacher wouldn’t be worried. The doctor said, “Robby is fine. He can go to school tomorrow.” My cough was gone, and I could play hockey again, too. See, God is really powerful!

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