Christian Science summits

What is a Christian Science Summit?

Summits are an opportunity to learn more about Christian Science and church alongside others who are learning too.

Who attends?

Those interested in learning more about Christian Science. Summits often have a particular focus geared toward a specific age group or geographic area. The details vary by Summit and are included in the event descriptions.

What can I expect?

Summits can include activities like Christian Science lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and discussion groups. Each activity uplifts and promotes your spiritual growth and is an opportunity to learn and share with others.


Upcoming Summits are posted on this page regularly and are held worldwide. Check back soon for information about our upcoming Summits for 2023.

How can my church or I get involved in hosting a Summit?

Thank you for considering a Summit for your area! We’d love to talk with you about how you can get involved. Please contact us at