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Judith M. Weisz, CSB

  • English
Judith M. Weisz, CSB

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  • Where: Brighton, Sussex, East
  • When: First two weeks of October


  • Where: Brighton, Sussex, East
  • When: First or second Saturday in May

My parents were Christian Scientists, and I had the great benefit of Sunday School teaching, and learning that God is always present to meet the need—always our “first aid.” When I married and had children, they were bought up in the same way, with my husband’s agreement, and I saw what a boon it was to be able to turn to God as the only Father/Mother.

When I joined a branch church, I was asked to work in various positions and realised that if I were to be of help to the Church, I needed to progress in Christian Science, so I took class Instruction and was then appointed First Reader. To my surprise, people came to me for healing treatment. This impelled me to advertise as a full-time Journal-listed practitioner. Until then, I had been helping my husband in his business and raising three children.

I knew right from when I was a little girl in Sunday School that this is what I wanted to do, to help people see their true selves as God’s image and likeness. My practice grew quickly, and I so enjoyed seeing healings of illnesses, business worries, family problems, etc., that I wanted others to feel the same way and see God in action. In 2000 I was privileged to take Normal class. The joy of teaching is unimaginable; I can think of no better career than healing and teaching Christian Science.

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