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Nancy Reinert, CSB

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Nancy Reinert, CSB

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  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts area
  • When: Late spring


  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts area
  • When: Early spring

In the early 1990s I was healed quickly and decisively in Christian Science of a physical condition that had come to seem completely hopeless to me.  I had grown up as a Christian Scientist, and had seen many healings in my family of seven, so I knew the effectiveness of Christian Science prayer.  I was also an earnest church member.  But as many times as I’d repeated the Lord’s Prayer, this experience of God’s power “in earth as it is in heaven” caught my attention in a new way.  I began to rethink everything in my life.  It felt really important to find out more about the Science of healing – how and why this healing had happened.

It has turned out to be a much larger and ongoing answer than I’d expected – an answer that goes well beyond one healing, to God being a present help for all mankind.  It has included embracing the demands of the First Commandment and the Sermon on the Mount in deeper ways that bring meaning and purpose to life.  I’ve found myself caring more about others – and primary class instruction in Christian Science was central in showing me that caring is not small or helpless when it rests on God.

I’m very grateful for branch church membership, and also for working at a variety of jobs for The Mother Church and writing for the periodicals.  I became a full-time practitioner in 2007 and a teacher in 2018.

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