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Makanga Kianga, CSB

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  • Where: Kinshasa
  • When: August


  • Where: Kinshasa
  • When: July

I attended a commercial secondary school (1961-1968) and studied economics at a university (1969-1973). After this education, I taught mathematics for two years before being employed by a well-respected American commercial bank in Kinshasa for fourteen years.

In 1970, a friend of mine from the university gave me the textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. It was my first time to read this wonderful book. I quickly accepted the ideas developed in it, and have joined the Christian Scientists’ group in Kinshasa. In 1974, I applied for membership in The Mother Church and was accepted. In 1978, I took class instruction in Paris.

After the sudden loss of my job in 1986, a very strong feeling came to me to dedicate my life to the practice of Christian Science, and in 1993, I was listed as a practitioner in both The Christian Science Journal and the Herald of Christian Science.

After years of experience and success in the practice of Christian Science, I was moved by an intense desire to impart to others the practical understanding I had gained in Christian Science. In December 2006, I took Normal class in Boston and was qualified as a teacher of Christian Science.

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