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Dorothy Estes, CSB

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Dorothy Estes, CSB

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  • Where: Sacramento, California
  • When: Fall


  • Where: Sacramento, California
  • When: December

Because my mother was such a faithful church-goer, I received my first Bible at the age of three for perfect attendance in a protestant church Sunday School. That record continued until high school when I went to work for a hospital on weekends. I missed church so much I began attending a chapel in the hospital on Sundays. There I felt a closeness to God that surpassed anything I had experienced up to that time. I soon converted to that faith.

Various dark and difficult struggles gradually drew me away from church-going. By the time I found Christian Science several years later, I had given up on traditional Christianity, exploring Eastern philosophies and practices instead. When I first read the Christian Science pamphlet “God’s Law of Adjustment” (that a co-worker gave me), I immediately knew I’d found what I’d been looking for all my life—the explanation of existence, a way to truly know God, and a real reason for living. Healings quickly followed.

One year later I joined The Mother Church and a branch church. Three years later in 1978, I took Primary class instruction. I began advertising as a practitioner in The Christian Science Journal in 1988. I’ve also worked for The Mother Church for many years in various capacities, including editor of the Christian Science periodicals.

In 2009—born of a deep desire described so well in the hymn that begins I love to tell the story of unseen things above—I became a Christian Science teacher.

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