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Alessandra P. Colombini, CSB

Alessandra P. Colombini, CSB

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  • Where: Sao Paulo
  • When: Usually in October


  • Where: Sao Paulo
  • When: Usually in July

I was born in Italy and moved to Brazil with my family as a teenager. Ever since my childhood I had felt drawn to religion and spirituality even though my family was not very religious.  Brazil offered me the opportunity to pursue my spiritual search, and I was able to get better acquainted with the Bible, which I loved. Then in college I was introduced to Christian Science by the young man who later became my husband. I immediately felt it was the deep truth I was looking for.

I soon went through class instruction in Boston. (There were no authorized teachers in Brazil at the time.) Upon coming back from class I took my first patient. For several years, through graduation, marriage, child-rearing and professional activity as a social worker, I was also in the part-time practice of Christian Science healing. It seemed just natural to do that.

Throughout all these years I was also active in First Church, São Paulo, in many capacities: Reader, Sunday School, Reading Room, executive board, and committees. I also worked as a translator for the Christian Science Publishing Society, mainly for the Portuguese edition of the Herald.

In 1998 I was listed as a full-time Christian Science practitioner, and I took Normal class in 2003. The need for more teachers speaking Portuguese prompted me to take this progressive step. 

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