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Colleen Feldmann Douglass, CSB

  • English
Colleen Feldmann Douglass, CSB

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  • Where: Los Angeles, California
  • When: Spring


  • Where: Los Angeles, California
  • When: Late June

I love to stretch the boundaries of long-held notions about human life and its limitations. The more I understand the one infinite and benevolent God, the more I grow to expect that good is ever-operative. When at a crossroads in my career, my love for mankind prompted me to realize that I was most needed for my commitment to spiritual healing, so I entered the Christian Science healing practice.

Before dedicating myself full-time to this practice, my faith in God was tested as a student, an active businesswoman, an educator, and a stepmother to adolescent children. My career included serving as one of the early women hired in a non-clerical position by the U.S. Forest Service, leading a summer education program on the Navajo reservation, and designing and implementing marketing communications plans for such clients as the Australian, New Zealand, and California tourist offices, Society Expeditions’ Orient Express, Dual-Fuel, and Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

For all the variety in my career, however, one thing remained constant: my reliance on God. As a result, my lifelong study and application of Christian Science repeatedly proved the universal applicability and consistent reliability of God's law.

I’ve loved being a frequent contributor and a field coach for the church’s magazines appearing on Sentinel Radio and chats, serving on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, as First Reader in my branch church, a chaplain in a probationary camp for boys, and a Sunday School teacher.

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