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Ginny Luedeman Rabun, CSB

  • English
Ginny Luedeman Rabun, CSB

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  • Where: Salem, Oregon
  • When: September


  • Where: Salem, Oregon
  • When: September

I live in the country in Salem, Oregon, where I teach my classes in a tree house environment.

I think of my students as an extension of our large diverse family.

The healing warmth and closeness that families can freely share with each other is a goal realized in many of the relationships in our Association family.

I see teaching as an opportunity to share in the natural unfolding of our oneness with divine Love.

I discovered Christian Science in the 60's while singing with a hard rock band in the San Francisco Bay area. 

I was instantly healed of an LSD overdose by turning to God. God's love flooded my thought and I felt a great peaceful presence. I called a friend's mother who was really loving and I told her what had happened. 

She brought me a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

Reading this book along with a deep study of the Bible, was the beginning of a journey that has healed and blessed me and those in my life beyond anything I thought possible.

Within two years I married a wonderful man who was a Christian Science Army Chaplain and nine years later I was listed the Christian Science Journal, as a practitioner. In 2009 I attended the Normal Class and became a Christian Science Teacher. 

I'm humbly grateful to be involved in bringing this message of healing and hope to a hungry world, through writing for the Christian Science periodicals, the Daily lift, through scientific prayer, lecturing, and teaching.

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