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Leide Lessa, CSB

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  • Where: Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • When: January


  • Where: Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • When: August

My piano teacher saw my distress about my father’s illness. Then she offered me a Herald of Christian Science and invited me to Sunday School. I was 12 years old.  In Sunday School I learned how to mark the Bible Lesson. I applied what I studied to my father and me, and a few months later he was healed. There began my love for Christian Science and its healing method.

At the age of 16 I became a member of The Mother Church, and when I was 18, I moved alone to Vienna, Austria, where I attended Sunday School at First Church, studied Translation at the Vienna University, and Composition at the Vienna Music College. Three years later a dear family invited me to spend time with them in the USA. I went to State University of NY at Stony Brook for a semester. Back in Brazil I finished college and studied 5 years in graduate school.

I owned a Language Institute in São Paulo for 10 years, but then felt the call to enter in the full-time practice. I’m a public practitioner, listed in the Journal and Heralds, since July 1998. I work at the Publishing Society and in the past 5 years I’ve been the Managing Editor of The Herald of Christian Science, published regularly in 14 languages. Besides Portuguese and English, I also speak Spanish, German, and French.

My love for God, humankind, and Christian Science led me to the 2009 Normal class.

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