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Brian G. Pennix, CSB

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Brian G. Pennix, CSB

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  • Where: San Francisco Bay area, California


  • Where: San Francisco Bay area, California

Having been raised in Christian Science I always expected to become a practitioner. While my path may not have been as quick and direct as it probably has been for others, there were always signposts that I was on the right track.

When did I embrace Christian Science? The answer lies in those signposts: events of spiritual growth, challenge, humble prayer, more growth, more challenge, more humility, refreshing inspiration and, above all, wonderfully convincing insights of God’s loving care for each of us – expressed in physical healing.

For example, in high school I felt led to pursue a deeper understanding of this Science, and a resulting spiritual uplift dramatically improved my young life. It was during this period that others first asked for my help through prayer. Later, in military service, I saw more spiritual healing. Following law school I applied for Christian Science class instruction because I wanted to learn how scientifically to care for our infant daughter.

I entered law practice, but within three years I began to devote a few hours a week to Christian Science practice. Years later, I served twice as chief legal counsel to The Mother Church in Boston, and this work demanded even deeper prayer and demonstration. I first advertised as a practitioner in The Christian Science Journal in 2005 and became a teacher in 2012.

Class instruction was the greatest blessing on my pathway. With modesty and affection my great desire is to share that blessing with others.


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