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George Reed, CSB

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George Reed, CSB

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  • Where: Concord, New Hampshire
  • When: Summer or Fall


  • Where: Concord, New Hampshire
  • When: Fall

My mom, who was raised in Christian Science, brought up her children in a loving home. Challenges I experienced in school and sports inspired me early on to study Christian Science seriously. When physical problems came up, I desired to heal myself solely through spiritual means.

I regularly attended Christian Science Sunday school in my local branch church where faithful, loving teachers consistently pointed me to the Truth that heals, and helped me to make spiritual progress.

In college I was an active CSO member and from time to time helped fellow students and colleagues with Christian Science treatment. Throughout high school and college, and a few years after receiving a mechanical engineering degree, I worked for my dad, who taught me sound work ethics.

After college I was led to take Primary class instruction, which awakened in me, as never before, the desire to help relieve mankind from the belief of sin and suffering through the understanding of God. Class taught me how to pray and heal more effectively, and I naturally became involved in branch church work and the practice. Soon I was elected First Reader of my church. For about 15 years I also served as Christian Science Committee on Publication for New Hampshire.

In 1983, I felt called to devote my full time to the public practice, and support of Christian Science nursing through my wife’s ministry. I attended Normal class in 2012. My class and association are held in beautiful, historic Concord, New Hampshire.

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