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Martha Roadstrum Moffett, CSB

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Martha Roadstrum Moffett, CSB

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  • Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota
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  • Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • When: Summer

After graduating from college and law school, I joined the United States Justice Department as a trial lawyer in the Antitrust Division and then as a special Assistant United States Attorney, prosecuting criminal cases from indictment to jury trial to sentencing. From the beginning of my legal career, whenever I went on my own ambition and talents, I would falter. It was through my study and practice of Christian Science and love of Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings that things would come together again.

When my husband was transferred to the Middle East for The Christian Science Monitor we moved to Jerusalem for three years, and I did human rights work for a New York-based non-profit group, visiting Palestinian prisons and refugee camps. Back in Washington, D.C., again, I rejoined a large corporate law firm, specializing in white collar crime and complex litigation. I soon found that this work, while all-consuming, was no longer satisfying.

At this time I was elected First Reader of my branch church, and began deep study and earnest searching of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. This study satisfied me in a way my law practice didn’t any more. My priorities were turned upside down, and I left my law practice to work into the public practice of Christian Science healing in 1994. I went through Normal Class in 2009. 

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