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Lois Royle Marquardt, CSB

  • English
Lois Royle Marquardt, CSB

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  • Where: St. Louis, Missouri
  • When: Usually in June - September


  • Where: St. Louis, Missouri
  • When: October

Making a choice for God has been a reoccurring theme throughout my life. Christian Science was introduced to our family when I was young. My first church home in Ohio had two Sunday services, and as a teen I attended both Sunday School sessions. Christian Science supported the moral and spiritual stands I made from middle school through college at Miami University. I realized choosing God brought certain healing and freedom, and three years after school, left a promising a career in retail to take Primary class instruction.

A thirteen-year career in the chemical industry followed. Early on, I recognized this work as my place to practice Christian Science. Prayer was the primary means of meeting business demands and challenges.  Moving every two years, I made Church my family, and active membership brought balance and provided spiritual growth. When the possibility arose to pursue an MBA, I knew where my heart was; I chose the full-time practice. My husband and I moved to Maryland, where I became Journal-listed in 1998.

When starting our family we found that prayer-led parenting, allowing God to lead us, has blessed our family with many adventures. Balancing demands of family life has come with the recognition that Christian Science practice isn’t a job, but is the active, conscious understanding of God as the only cause and creator.

In 2007, soon after our family moved to St Louis, I became a teacher of Christian Science. I began serving on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship in 2008. 

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