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Robin Hoagland, CSB

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Robin Hoagland, CSB

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  • Where: Hyannis, Massachusetts
  • When: Between mid- June and mid-August


  • Where: Hyannis, Massachusetts
  • When: Autumn

I grew up in an ecumenical household, with one parent practicing Christian Science and the other active in another Christian denomination. For many years, I alternated in attending the Sunday Schools of these two churches. And while I deeply appreciated the kindness and love of both congregations, I was ultimately drawn to how Christian Science showed me that God was knowable and ever-present, and that prayer was practical and effective in resolving whatever difficulties we face.

College provided me with many opportunities to test the reliability of spiritual healing in Christian Science, and I found it fully freed me from contagious illnesses, sports injuries, and recurrent depression. It also helped me navigate through the moral complexities of a secular culture, allowing me to live joyfully independent of peer pressures. How amazing to soar beyond the various limitations I thought my life included and to begin discovering that 'with God, all things are possible'!

After stints in publishing, public radio, and freelance writing, I realized my greatest joy was in sharing this Science with others. With the unstinting, gracious support of my husband and family, I entered the full-time public practice and began advertising in The Christian Science Journal in 1999. Eventually, a deep desire to support others in their understanding of the Science of Christianity led me to become a teacher. I’ve also had several opportunities to serve The Mother Church in various capacities and profoundly appreciate its ongoing efforts to embrace the world with the healing message of Christian Science.

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