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James E. Thurman, Jr., CSB

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James E. Thurman, Jr., CSB

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  • Where: Tampa Bay area, Florida
  • When: Usually in summer


  • Where: Tampa Bay area, Florida
  • When: October

I am a fourth-generation Christian Scientist. As with every student, there comes a time to make Christian Science truly one's own. When I was in high school, the example of my Sunday School teacher, a practitioner, played an important role in my own commitment to Christian Science. After graduation from Principia College, I received Primary class instruction. At that time, I was a partner in an advertising agency in Newport Beach, California. That year, my first patient, a staff member in a client's organization, who was not a Christian Scientist, asked me for treatment and was healed.

Several years later, my prayer to practice Christian Science more widely led to serving as a manager at The Mother Church in support of Christian Science nursing, followed by serving as Executive Director of Arden Wood in San Francisco. In 1997, I resigned my position to relocate to my hometown, St. Petersburg, Florida, where I established a full-time public practice and began advertising in The Christian Science Journal in 1998.

To me, there is an inherent calling in the heart for each of us to practice Christian Science healing. As we put into practice what we gain from the study of Christian Science, and experience the healing results ourselves, a desire naturally follows to embrace others in this healing practice. My next step was the Normal class in 2006.

My family includes my lovely wife, a daughter, and also two border collies that manage all of us in the household.

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