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Russ Gerber, CSB

  • English
Russ Gerber, CSB

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  • Where: Orange County, California
  • When: In the summer


  • Where: Orange County, California
  • When: mid-September

Ever since I was a teenager I was fascinated with the human voice and it’s wide range of uses. Beyond ordinary communication, we use it to grab attention, convey comfort, persuade, instruct, and inspire.  One day I happened to see a radio station in operation, and was hooked, captivated by the air personality’s voice. I admired his ability to engage the audience, to provide information, be enthusiastic, and bring the listeners along with him – at the same time!.While in college I took courses in architecture, but discovered that my heart was still in radio broadcasting. So I spent time working at the college radio station, until I was drafted into the Army.  There I served in American Forces Radio, followed by years of work in commercial radio, and then as a national radio consultant.  In that capacity I was hired to help The Christian Science Monitor launch 'Monitor Radio'.During that time my interest in Christian Science broadened and deepened. Our family returned to California so that I could set up shop as a full-time public practitioner of Christian Science, and later became a Christian Science teacher.Although I thought my work in radio was over, I was invited back to Boston to serve as an Associate Editor for the Christian Science religious publications and to host a radio edition of the Christian Science Sentinel. Eventually I returned to California to resume my practice of Christian Science. Today my wife and I reside in Orange County, California, where I teach class and conduct my annual Association.

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