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Russ Gerber, CSB

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Russ Gerber, CSB

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  • Where: Orange County, California
  • When: In the summer


  • Where: Orange County, California
  • When: mid-September

I grew up in Los Angeles wanting to know what I was called to do.  While in college I took a few courses in architecture, but discovered that my heart wasn't in that.  What did win my heart was working at the college radio station.

Soon, however, I was drafted into the Army.  I served in American Forces Radio, followed by many years of work in commercial radio as an on-air personality and eventually a national program consultant.  In that capacity I was hired to help The Christian Science Monitor launch 'Monitor Radio'.

Once that was in place I felt another calling. Our family returned to California so that I could set up shop as a public practitioner of Christian Science.

In 1990 I applied to become a teacher because I felt strongly then, as I do now, that it provided a priceless opportunity to impart the spirit as well as the letter of Christian Science.  This stuff is utterly amazing, learnable, and absolutely essential if we're to heal illness and improve the quality of life.  Here was a way to impress upon others an awe of and conviction about Christian Science that still takes my breath away.

I teach class and hold my Association in Orange County, California. 

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