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Georgia Powers Bulloch, CSB

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Georgia Powers Bulloch, CSB

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  • Where: Austin, Texas
  • When: Varies


  • Where: Houston,Texas
  • When: March

A career in spiritual healing—not even on my radar when I headed off to college! My love of numbers made accounting an attractive major, while international travels to France and Switzerland enriched my experience with a deepening global awareness.

Marriage and family came before my degree, so I attended night school and worked in financial accounting for a railroad company, which was the parent of both a steel company and a trucking company. I found these rugged core enterprises fascinating.

But then big challenges hit, bringing on intense anxiety attacks—and that’s when my spiritual journey began. I found a free copy of the Christian Science Sentinel, which told of parenting from a spiritual standpoint, a great help for a new mom. Then I found the Bible Lesson. Reading it provided spiritual nourishment and brought a sense of peace to my day.

When I learned class instruction was an essential aid to living from a more spiritual standpoint, and being able to heal through this teaching, I eagerly signed up. Those two weeks set my life in a whole new direction.

In 1985, I became a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner. My career has been filled with a rich variety of experiences. Wanting to help others find this joy in the healing work, I became an authorized teacher of Christian Science, after completing the Normal class in 2003.

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