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Michelle Boccanfuso Nanouche, CSB

Michelle Boccanfuso Nanouche, CSB

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  • Where: Paris
  • When: October


  • Where: Paris
  • When: Spring

I have practiced healing prayer for others since 1992. My family came to Christian Science through my dad’s healing of acute depression. When I was twelve, I decided to treat myself through prayer after impaling my foot on a rusty nail. The wound was totally healed within a few hours. This set my future course in the practice of Christian Science.

My early career choice was to become a Christian Science nurse. Nursing provided me with a good look into healing solely through spiritual means, without medicine. After five years of formal training, I nursed for an additional five before opening my first public office for healing through prayer in New Jersey, USA.

I have lectured throughout the US on the subject of spirituality and healing, and I spent several years working with public authorities, the New Jersey legislature and the media to safeguard the practice of healing through spiritual means. I moved to Paris in 2005 and began teaching classes on Christian Science in 2010. I devote my full time to my patients and students.

I am married with one grown daughter.

My articles and broadcasts for Christian Science magazines and Sentinel Radio provide the best look into my personal and professional experience with Christian Science healing. You can check them out on my website at Please click on the flag to find the information available in your language!

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