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David C. Kennedy, CSB

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David C. Kennedy, CSB

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  • Where: Naples, Florida
  • When: Summer


  • Where: Naples, Florida
  • When: Spring

It was in college that I first learned the importance of being more consistent in accepting spiritual harmony as the only reality. It was a modest step of spiritualizing thought, and one that I’ve had to relearn at times.  But it brought more healing into my life, and led to my entering the full-time public practice of Christian Science after I graduated.

Since becoming a teacher of Christian Science, I have grown to appreciate even more the loving demands on all of us to grow spiritually, to love God and our fellow man, and to demonstrate the truth of Christian Science in healing. 

Over the years I have worked for The Mother Church at different times: as a Regional Assistant talking with Christian Science college organizations in the Midwest; as a staff editor for the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel; as Assistant Manager of Practitioners and Nursing Activities, and then Manager of Practitioner Activities. Most recently I was Editor of the Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald.

I’ve also written many articles and recorded many podcasts and programs for the periodicals.

In all that we do in the work of Christian Science, all gratitude is due to the life, teachings, and example of our Master, Christ Jesus, and to Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery and founding of Christian Science.

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