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Larissa (Lari) Snorek, CSB

  • English
Larissa (Lari) Snorek, CSB

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  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts
  • When: Usually in July


  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts
  • When: Usually in early October

Since childhood, I felt on a quest for understanding truth. I spent summers voraciously reading book after book to solve the mystery of the meaning of my life and the world.


When as a teenager my world felt in upheaval, I took literally Jesus’ injunction to “go into the closet...and pray.” I had a large, walk-in closet and spent hours tucked in among the clothes, reading the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It brought me a deep peace, no matter what I was facing.


During university, I again dove into a search for meaning and continued this in Master’s studies. I worked in mediation, conflict resolution, and sustainable development and taught graduate students as a professor of international development and gender studies. Yet I felt there was something more. I had an inner desire to heal that began in 1995 when I was living alone in a foreign country. But never thought I would go into religious work full-time.


Then in 2009, I traveled around Africa with The First Church of Christ, Scientist. I felt two worlds coming together— my desire to find solutions to the challenges humanity faces and my individual dedication to spiritual growth. I since have traveled as a practitioner of Christian Science healing to over 20 countries to support individuals seeking spiritual understanding.


I became a teacher of Christian Science in 2018. I love exploring truth with others yearning for peace and healing in their individual lives and the world.  

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