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Anne-Françoise Bouffé, CSB

Anne-Françoise Bouffé, CSB

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  • Where: Paris
  • When: Usually in July


  • Where: Paris
  • When: Usually in April

Christian Science was introduced to our family when I was seven and I had the privilege of attending Sunday School in Paris. It was there that I learned to love the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. The spiritual understanding I gained has been a great help in school and also as a lecturer in museums--and then as a teacher of art history, history, and geography.

After taking class instruction, I dedicated time each week to the practice. A few years later I became a listed Christian Science practitioner. The same desire to serve God and to help my neighbor led me to become a Christian Science teacher in 1985.

Being a member of a branch church and serving in several positions, including Second Reader, member of the Board and teacher in Sunday School, has helped me grow spiritually and has been the source of many blessings. It was also very rewarding to have been a Christian Science lecturer for five years and to serve as President of The Mother Church (2020-2021).


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