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Anne Melville, CSB

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Anne Melville, CSB

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  • Where: Kaikohe
  • When: September


  • Where: Auckland
  • When: May

All my life I have loved the truths Christian Science teaches. As a child I made some simple proofs of healing. But I somehow felt that there were certain challenges Christian Science would not heal, or at least that I was unable to demonstrate. This was overcome with a healing of sinusitis. Shortly after this I took Primary class instruction in 1975. Class instruction helped me heal myself and my children more consistently. But I did not then want to be a practitioner.

For many years I lived in rural areas, too far from church to attend services, but met with informal groups of Christian Scientists. I was always a member of The Mother Church, and subscribed to the periodicals, which were my connection with the worldwide Christian Science movement. Membership in a local Christian Science Society for the past few years has been a joy.

My ambitions for my career in local government started to wane after 20 years, when I found that my real ambition was to understand more of Christian Science. At this time I healed a family member of severe symptoms of a stroke within an hour. I realised then that I wanted to devote my life to the practice of Christian healing, and became a full-time practitioner in 2008 with Journal-listing in 2009. I saw a great need for a teacher in my country, so others could receive the life-changing benefits of class instruction, too. I attended Normal class in 2012.

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