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John C. Sparkman, CSB

  • English
John C. Sparkman, CSB

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  • Where: San Diego, California
  • When: Late November- Early December


  • Where: San Diego, California
  • When: February

As a young adult, I would have identified myself as Christian, spiritual and non-religious. I am not sure if I found Christian Science or Christian Science found me. I do know that the Science of the Christ became my own after a quick and complete healing of a broken ankle. From that point on, God has been my guide and Christian Science has been my way of life. I know that any student of Christian Science, led to pursue Primary class instruction, will find their right path and that in God's loving embrace we are always and in all ways exactly where we are most needed. Before being drawn to apply for Primary class instruction in 2001, I had three wonderful and productive careers. First as a professional competitive sailor, second as a composite textile designer, and third as a marketing specialist and designer for Patagonia. Though I was unaware at thetime, God was clearly preparing my path to my true work as a Christian Science Practitioner. Shortly after completing Primary class, I began taking public cases and bearing witness to healing, I became a First Reader at my local branch church and in 2005, was asked to work at the Christian Science Publishing Society as the Manager of General Publications. A few years later, I was asked to serve as Managing Publisher of The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, Herald, and Bible Lesson. In 2010, I applied for and was accepted as a Christian Science Practitioner in The Christian Science Journal. 

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