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Martha Johnsen Weingarten, CSB

  • English
Martha Johnsen Weingarten, CSB

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  • Where: Baltimore, Maryland
  • When: Summer/Fall


  • Where: Baltimore, Maryland
  • When: Early December

Christian Science has been important to me my whole life. Through study of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, I have loved learning more about God--what He is and what He does, and what we are as His beloved children.  After taking class instruction as a college student, it was clear to me that practicing Christian Science was my goal.  After a few years of teaching  high school English, I left to practice Christian Science more fully, applying the laws of God to each call, and utilizing “the power of Truth over error,” (SH 111: 11) as issues came up in family,  church, and the community.  I became a Journal-listed practitioner in 2015, and went through Normal Class in 2021.  

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