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Margaret Rogers, CSB

  • English
Margaret Rogers, CSB

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  • Where: Bay Area, California
  • When: Usually summer or fall


  • Where: San Rafael, California
  • When: Early May

Christian Science and community service were strong influences in my home growing up.  I found fulfilling ways to help disadvantaged people over the years, but in college I became convinced that the best way to accomplish lasting justice and peace was Jesus’ path of breaking through the illusion of evil and many minds to the perfection of God’s spiritual universe.  I wanted to devote myself to Christian Science healing, but wasn’t sure how to launch. My next step was to become a Christian Science nurse. Through nursing I learned healing involved love and commitment to spiritual growth. It was challenging and satisfying work. I also grew through active involvement in church, and in 1981 became a full-time Christian Science practitioner, then a public lecturer and writer for church periodicals.  I became a teacher of Christian Science in 1991 and in following years served in various roles at The Mother Church, including Second Reader, Associate Editor of the Christian Science Journal, and as a member of the Christian Science Board of Directors. As a teacher, I love discovering with students how to read Science and Health and the Bible with always deeper spiritual insight, make their truths practical in healing, and depend on them as guides in life.  It’s also wonderful to continue growing with students through individual contact and yearly Association meetings. Practicing Christian Science is the most joyful and demanding work I can imagine. Class is a holy opportunity to grow in spiritual understanding, conviction and healing service to others. 

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