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Monique Hertgen, CSB

Monique Hertgen, CSB

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  • Where: Geneva area
  • When: Summer


  • Where: Geneva area
  • When: May

Occasional visits to a Christian Science Sunday school when I was a child had shown me the practicality of its teachings. Attending a Christian Science lecture was a turning point, and some of the ideas shared brought my first demonstration of healing during exams a month later.

As a member of a local Christian Science Church, I served as reader, Sunday school teacher and on different boards, which all brought a growing appreciation for Church. I began my career as an elementary school teacher, and later became a trainer for teachers in bilingual classes.

In my late-20’s, a very challenging divorce left me alone with two young boys and a baby girl, working full time. This was a stepping-stone to a deeper understanding of God’s love and was followed by Class Instruction, a powerful answer to my desire to “grow in grace.”

God’s ever present love and care never failed in all these years, blessing us abundantly. I love to share the spiritual law of good and reaching out to others.

“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD,” from Psalms came to mind during the time of trial. Freed from fear, despair and oppression, I promised God “to declare His works”. Answering calls for prayerful help, I became a listed practitioner in 2017. And fulfilling this promise progressed to being accepted in Normal Class in 2021.

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