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Stormy Becker Falso, CSB

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Stormy Becker Falso, CSB

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  • Where: Atlanta, Georgia area


  • Where: Atlanta, Georgia area

Saying “yes” to God makes life a grand adventure. 

Learning about my relationship with God benefitted every area of my life, from health to relationships to employment and supply.

During college, I wasn’t sure what career path to follow. I started working at the college radio station. This led to a career in broadcasting as a radio news reporter and newscaster and as a television news reporter. This also led to marriage. I met my husband, Ed, at my first commercial radio job. And we married a couple of years later.

I left media work to concentrate on raising our two children. This also provided lots of opportunities to work in many volunteer positions. It also led to another career, working with teaching disabled children in regular classrooms. 

Through all these adventures I had been discovering more about God’s nurturing care and about practicing Christian Science. When we moved from upstate New York to Atlanta I began to devote myself to the full-time Christian Science practice. I have also worked with Christian Science organizations on campuses in Georgia, and I currently serve as Committee on Publication for Georgia.

Our family has always enjoyed lots of outdoor activities including hiking and sailing. Recently, my husband and I started running half marathons. I also enjoy cooking and knitting.

Every twist and turn in life’s adventure has taught me something about God’s ever-presence.  It is a joy to keep learning more about God’s goodness and greatness everyday. 

I attended the 2012 Normal class.


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