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Kim Crooks Korinek, CSB

  • English
Kim Crooks Korinek, CSB

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  • Where: St. Paul, Minnesota
  • When: late summer/early fall


  • Where: St. Paul, Minnesota
  • When: late June

Christian Science was introduced to my family by my grandfather as a result of his complete healing of severe head injuries. Many healings and a happy Sunday School experience followed. Even so, I left Christian Science for a while in college to find Truth for myself. I wasn't gone long. I joined the Christian Science Organization on campus as I started to see how relevant Christian Science was in all areas of life. I understood Christian Science as the law of Love and as the universal force behind all peace, health and progress. This amazed me. And I wanted more.

I took class instruction in 1978 and started writing for our Christian Science magazines, describing what I was discovering about the healing power of Christian Science in areas as diverse as health, adventure, relationships, progress, social and global issues, and more.

In 1986, I married my soul-mate. Soon after, I became an administrator for a Christian Science nursing facility, and then, a mother of two boys. Later, I worked for The Mother Church to support the world-wide distribution of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. This work involved interacting with spiritual thinkers and distributors from over 40 countries. This led to becoming a Journal-listed practitioner in 2006. I saw how both close and far reaching the demand for metaphysical healing is. A deep desire to help meet this need resulted in applying for Normal class and I was accepted in 2015. From October 2016 to March 2019, I had the great joy of serving as Associate Editor of the Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald magazines that have been recording the practical effect of Christian Science healing since 1883. 



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