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Sarah Hyatt, CSB

  • English
Sarah Hyatt, CSB

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  • Where: Charleston, South Carolina
  • When: Summer or October


  • Where: Charleston, South Carolina
  • When: Late September

As a teen struggling with a view of God as punishing and blessing, I had two prevailing thoughts about God: anger and fear. When I was introduced to Christian Science, I did not expect to find solutions to those struggles in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, but I was intrigued by the ideas that the book was a key to understanding the Bible (which I had grown up reading) and that it explained a divine Science of healing.

It seemed reasonable to me that if something is actually a science, then any honest student can learn the rules, apply them, and find predictable results. I read the book with the dynamic tension between challenging what I read and a determination to apply the rules as best I could to test the author’s interpretation of Scripture. As I found myself overcoming the psychological scars of a child of an alcoholic, I had to admit I had found the Science of Christianity.

Acting on the gratitude that I felt for the healing in my own life, I entered the public practice of Christian Science in the early 1980’s, advertising in The Christian Science Journal for the first time in 1988.

I took Normal class to become a teacher in 2000. I had always wanted to be a teacher and had taught high school English. But with the continued growth in understanding this Science of Christianity, I found that I finally had a subject I could commit wholeheartedly to teaching!

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