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Sabrina Stillwell, CSB

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Sabrina Stillwell, CSB

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  • Where: Greater Salt Lake City, Utah
  • When: flexible


  • Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • When: flexible

Growing up in a loving Christian Science home in California, I witnessed and experienced many healings through prayer.

Later, after unfruitful years of exploring different modes of thinking and behavior, I found myself drawn back to the truths, the universal spiritual laws I had learned as a child--the pure and deeply practical teachings of Christian Science.  I knew this was the Truth -- the unwavering nature of God's love, the supreme power and grace of God's goodness -- that I had found nowhere else.  I experienced healing and a deep yearning to understand more of God, which led me to take Primary class in 1983.

In 1985 my husband's job moved us to Utah.  There, I joined a Christian Science Society.  What a place to grow spiritually!   In a small church there are so many opportunities to serve, and that's when I received my first calls requesting Christian Science treatment. 

When our youngest went off to school, I had the opportunity for a more focused and consecrated practice.  In 1992 I became Journal-listed.  From 2001 to 2004,  I served as Christian Science Committee on Publication for Utah, which included the opportunity to serve as an interfaith Chaplain during the 2002 Winter Olympics.  As my love and desire to understand and serve God deepened, I was led to the 2003 Normal class.  I love practicing and sharing Christian Science in every avenue of my life.  I feel that my life has been a journey of love to God, with God

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