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Ruth Geyer, CSB

  • English
Ruth Geyer, CSB

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  • Where: Bellingham, Washington
  • When: Spring or Summer


  • Where: Bellingham, Washington
  • When: Fall

I came into Christian Science as an adult and found it to be just what I’d been searching for -- Mrs. Eddy’s writings described so perfectly something I’d always known deep inside. My recognition of this Truth continues to grow! I love the way Christian Science not only heals but transforms thinking, providing an underlying structure of harmony, joy and divine Love. When I was confronted with a serious illness, the Truth as understood in Christian Science dispelled fear and healed me. The experience also made it clear to me that I wanted to become a Christian Science practitioner. I became Journal-listed in the full-time practice in 2006 and took Normal class in 2009.

I have a BA in Education, an MA in English. I grew up and attended college in the Midwest, and graduate school in Bellingham, Washington, where I now live. After graduating from college, I served in VISTA, where we developed a tutoring center for migrant workers and their children. I’ve taught English, owned and operated a marketing firm, and served on community boards and service organizations. I have three children and ten grandchildren and enjoy reading and the outdoors. My articles have been published in The Christian Science Monitor, Journal and Sentinel. 

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