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Curtis J. Wahlberg, CSB

  • English
Curtis J. Wahlberg, CSB

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  • Where: Los Angeles, California
  • When: Usually in June or December


  • Where: Los Angeles, California
  • When: October

Christian Science found me while I was just a young person. I had been fairly content with life, but my experiences and something within were showing me that life had a bigger significance than what appeared. I soon saw in Christian Science what would alone fulfill our lives. I became a serious student of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. The life of Christ Jesus, and the God-directed care that Mrs. Eddy took in presenting that life to mankind, became my constant guides.

What I could understand from those guides was proving to be the basis for whatever good I could experience myself or do for others, and in 1995, I went full-time into the public practice of Christian Science healing. I’ve increasingly found that our lives have the purpose of embracing each other and that it is a global movement working together that redeems mankind. Supporting others in their practice of Christian Science is very important to me, and since 2006, I have been teaching annual classes on Christian Science in the Los Angeles area.

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