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Pamela DeBolt, CSB

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Pamela DeBolt, CSB

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  • Where: Santa Rosa, California
  • When: Usually in June


  • Where: Santa Rosa, California
  • When: Usually in August

As a child growing up in Nevada and California, our family was very enterprising. Though we didn’t have a great deal materially, I watched as my mother’s brand new study of Christian Science began to bring much good into our lives. Her own life changed completely from one of worry, lack, and struggle to one of prayer, provision, and purpose for her family when she began to see that there are divine laws of God, good, governing our lives. This gave us a family that was well and strong--and made such an impression on me.  I knew this was what I wanted for my own family.

Because my husband and I felt very blessed to have this way of life to raise our children with, it was natural to want to offer prayer for others. So I took an office downtown in our community, became listed as a Christian Science practitioner in 1992, and just prayed to be of service. I still love working with those who are newly discovering this way of thinking and living.

After several wonderful years as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, I became a teacher of Christian Science in 2000. I value, and have such dear love for those who commit to taking Christian Science class instruction. I love seeing problems and worries as opportunities to change how we view our life and our circumstances. By increasing the spiritual understanding in our lives, this transforms the world we live in.

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