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Elizabeth Crecelius Schwartz, CSB

  • English
Elizabeth Crecelius Schwartz, CSB

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  • Where: Palo Alto, California


  • Where: Palo Alto, California

While growing up in California, my three siblings and I had many challenges but also many blessings. Our parents were dedicated church and community supporters and instilled in us the idea of living one's life in a way that would help the world.  I had several meaningful healings in high school and college that cemented my desire to grow Spiritward through a study of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.


After receiving my degree in English from Principia College, I went on to graduate from Christian Science nurses training. I worked as a Christian Science nurse for about 10 years. I loved the work. My nursing career naturally pushed forward my desire to heal and led to my becoming a Journal- listed Christian Science practitioner in 2006.


While raising our two children and being very active in our Christian Science branch church and community, I knew I wanted to do my part to further Mrs. Eddy’s church in the best way I could. Mrs. Eddy’s life of sacrifice and dedication continues to inspire and motivate me. Her selfless commitment led me to the desire to be a Christian Science teacher to encourage the spiritual growth of others. I feel it is a sacred privilege to have been part of the Normal Class of 2018.

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