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Lyn Smith, CSB

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Lyn Smith, CSB

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  • Where: Perth, Western Australia
  • When: September/October


  • Where: Perth, Western Australia
  • When: September

I have lived most of my life in and around Fremantle, Australia.  I trained as a hairdresser and operated a hairdressing business.

Christian Science came into my life shortly after a personal challenge.  A dear friend passed on at a relatively young age.  Shortly after, I bought a second-hand copy of Science and Health - the word “Health” caught my attention. At the time I didn’t realize just how much I was searching for answers to the great puzzle of life.

Reading the first chapter on “Prayer”, I felt the author was talking directly to me.  Something profound happened – I had my first healing - I felt I would never have to be afraid of anything in my life ever again.  I glimpsed my true identity as spiritual.  It was a life-changing moment.  That day I made Christian Science my own.

While I was reading in my branch church, members began asking for prayerful help.  I embraced this as part of God’s plan, and in 2004 I entered the full-time practice.

As my practice evolved with prayer and study, it became clear the divine influence in my life was asking me to go further and share the teachings of Christian Science in a more structured way.  In 2009 I took Normal class, thus becoming a teacher.

Living Christian Science has been so natural and joyful.  It is wonderful to know and understand what freedom really is and to go forward with confidence to live one’s spiritual potential in all its glory.

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