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Mimi Oka, CSB

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  • Where: New York, New York


  • Where: New York, New York

I was raised attending Christian Science Sunday schools all over the world because my father was a foreign correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor. However, I did not make this teaching my own until my late twenties when I was totally confused about my life purpose.   I had worked in finance in New York, London and Tokyo, then left to go to cooking school in Paris, worked as a private cook, and a freelance writer.   A conversation about how to find direction in life with an atheist friend, led me back to Christian Science. I was surprised to find the answers to all my questions by studying the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.  Within a year I had taken class instruction, joined The Mother Church and a branch church.


My career took another turn.  I worked for fifteen years as an artist, using food and dining as themes in an exploration of art as sustenance essential to life.  I prayed my way through these projects, and it became clear that my true love was the application of Christian Science to every problem.  I have found lasting peace and grace from understanding my relationship to God through this study. I love helping those who reach out from all over the globe to find healing.   This has led to my desire to teach and show that this is a Science that can be taught, learned and practiced by anyone whose sincere desire is to know God.

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