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Barbara Hand Hill, CSB

  • English
Barbara Hand Hill, CSB

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  • Where: Orlando, Florida
  • When: Usually in summer


  • Where: Orlando, Florida
  • When: Usually in spring

I was raised in а family where loving God and relying on Him to heal all our problems was a way of life. It still is, for me. From early childhood, the study of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and the practice of Christian Science, have been an integral part of my everyday life.

After graduation from college, my profound love for children led me to а career of teaching in the public school system. During this period, through а deep and continuous study of Christian Science, my desire to help others rely on God for healing was first and foremost in thought.

Teaching in the inner city caused me to consider how I could be а better world citizen, and help others find spiritual solutions to their problems. This led me into the public practice of Christian Science. Eight years after I was listed as а Christian Science practitioner, I went through Normal class and became а teacher of this religion. I can think of nothing else that brings more joy than helping others learn how to heal the way our great Master, Christ Jesus, healed.

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