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Mojisola Anjorin Solanke George, CSB

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Mojisola Anjorin Solanke George, CSB

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  • Where: Lagos


  • Where: Lagos

I grew up in a deeply Christian family, and very early learnt to love God and read the Bible. While a university student, I heard about Christian Science, and was immediately drawn to the fact that Christ is a real, though not physical, presence, which I may prove practically, by healing like Jesus. I found that the thought of God as understandable Love, and Christianity as a Science that must be studied and practiced, resonated with me. I realised that my study of Christian Science was not only answering my questions about spirituality, but was actually teaching me to heal like Jesus.

My desire to serve God brought me to work, for a short while, at The Mother Church. Thereafter, I worked in different sectors - banking, IT, broadcasting, education - but always taking cases, first, for family, then friends and church members; learning how to love like Christ Jesus, and witnessing God’s healing power. My ultimate goal was to do the healing works of Jesus, and share this with anyone who wants or needs it.

To borrow a phrase from Mary Baker Eddy, “the divine hand led me” (Retrospection and Introspection, page 27), and I became a Journal-listed practitioner in 2007. Thereafter, significant healings through prayer, which I witnessed for my husband and grown son, were the impetus to my applying for Normal class in 2015, so I may share more widely this Science of Christ Jesus, with its comforting, practical relevance for health and healing today.


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