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Elise L. Moore, CSB

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Elise L. Moore, CSB

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My family has practiced Christian Science for over 100 years.  My great-grandmother was healed of tuberculosis in Biloxi, Mississippi. My paternal grandmother was healed of a heart condition supposed to be fatal. I’ve wanted to help, save and heal people through Christ and Christian Science since I was a child. In elementary school, I shared Christian Science with others and had significant healings on my own. At 12, I united with The Mother Church and a branch church, writing my first testimony for publication.

Christian Science has always been a rock of salvation and healing for me. Throughout high school and college, I actively worked to explain the Christ, Truth, to others in language they could understand, and prayed for others when they asked.

I took Primary class instruction before leaving Sunday School and kept a “Reading Room” in my dorm room at college. While working in industrial sales and marketing, I continued practicing part-time. In 1985, I became Journal-listed and continued sharing Christian Science as a chaplain at a homeless agency. I gave talks to civic and church groups, wrote over 250 articles on prayer and healing, including a weekly newspaper column, organized and participated in interfaith activities, practiced Christian Science with Spanish- speaking immigrants, and became listed in the Spanish Herald. Helping others to heal has always been important to me. I took Normal class in 1997.

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