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Neera Kapur, CSB

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Neera Kapur, CSB

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  • Where: The Philippines


  • Where: The Philippines

I was raised in a Hindu family in India, and my religious education about God was that if you do something wrong, God punishes you. As I grew older, I challenged God and said “If you want me to worship you, I want answers. Why are you so unfair, why is there so much injustice?”

Soon after this conversation with God, a friend shared a Christian Science Sentinel. She felt I needed help and I did! Mary Baker Eddy’s words, “Shepherd show me how to go,” introduced me to a concept of God that I loved, and began to turn to and find answers. I began to smile again!

My first reading of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy restored health and harmony that had been lost for many years due to several incurable diseases. Then began years of discovery--of a loving, caring, and good God, a Father-Mother who does not punish but loves unconditionally.  I began to receive calls for help at work and witnessed God’s love touching many hearts and homes. I formally listed in The Christian Science Journal in 2009.

Through the years, I have had the privilege of serving our Mother Church in various capacities in Asian countries, particularly in the Philippines. I will always be grateful for the mothering love of The Mother Church, which played a very important role in the gracious preparation for the step of Normal class in 2012.


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