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Rita Robles, CSB

  • English
Rita Robles, CSB

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  • Where: El Paso, Texas
  • When: July


  • Where: El Paso, Texas
  • When: September

I have always had a love of healing in Christian Science. My first family stories were of how my grandfather’s immediate conviction of the Science of the Christ healed my uncles and aunts in their moments of great need. My own childhood healings simply affirmed what I trusted most. After taking class instruction in college, I began taking calls for healing, and went into the full-time practice when my three children were young. Even though my husband had witnessed many of my healings while we dated, it was when he saw our own babies experience healings that he also became a student of Christian Science. His job relocated us many times across the country, and we have been active members of churches in several different US states. Several opportunities to serve The Mother Church have provided a variety of experiences and interaction with Christian Scientists and the public. I hold a Master’s degree in Biblical Interpretation. I am also involved in prison ministry and speak to inmates about Christian Science, and love hearing their transformational testimonies. Nothing rocks like healing. 

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